Social Communications Updates 6/May/2008

Gulu Archdiocese Social Communications participate in the world communications day

The staff of Social Communications Gulu Archdiocese participated in the 42nd World Communications Day celebration that took place in Soroti Diocese, Tororo Ecclesiastical province together with other 15 dioceses in Uganda.

Social Communication is an arm of the Catholic Church whose main purpose is to evangelize through the available means of modern media. These include the Radio broadcast, television broadcast, newspaper publication, video production and web/internet contribution. The said means are to be used for the transformation of bad to good.

 Yearly, the Catholic Church appreciates the role and importance of the Media in evangelization and development of the complete human person spiritually, physically and psychologically. As a worldwide celebration, the Holy Father sends a message and the theme for the celebration to all media men and women who are pastoral agents through Social Communication. The theme for this year is “THE MEDIA AT THE CROSSROADS BETWEEN SELF-PROMOTION AND SERVICE. SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH IN ORDER TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS”. In preparation for the celebration, the Catholic Social Communication coordinators and collaborators undergo a one-week seminar to understand and share ideas in relation to the theme. In Uganda, the venue of the National celebrations rotates from diocese to diocese every year, with past celebrations held in Arua, Mbarara, Lugazi and other dioceses. This year the celebration took place in Tororo ecclesiastical province, Soroti diocese at Immaculate Conception Cathedral on 4 May 2008.

The colorful celebration was presided over by the Bishop of Soroti Diocese Rt.Rev.Emmauel Obbo, The Bishop Chairman Communications Commission UEC, Rt.Rev.Joseph Franzelli, twenty-five priests, political and cultural leaders of Teso region and over two thousand Christians.

During the mass, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo called and reminded the congregation that the World’s Communication day coincided with the Church’s celebration of the Ascension of the Holy Spirit. “As we celebrate this 42nd World Communications Day, therefore, let us pray that the Spirit continues to open our hearts to learn more and more, to be able to easily recognize and communicate truth”. He further pointed out that the Gospel of Christ, in totality, is a divine invitation and constant commissioning of all disciples, to live a life that always communicates love and peace to all, irrespective of the surrounding conditions.  In appreciation for the service being offered to the Church, Bishop Joseph Franzeli awarded the 35 participants certificate of participant in the Social Communications workshop held in relation to theme of the year at Eneku Village-Madera, Soroti diocese.

 He said that with the means of Social Communications, the so-called mass media, it is very much the same. Radio, press, television and other means of communications have in themselves the marvelous potentiality of leading us to grow through more information and knowledge in numberless fields, linking us to other people’s ideas and feelings, creating a deeper unity and the awareness of belonging to the same human family, enriching our won life and contributing to build up a better society. But they can also lead us in the wrong direction, opening up for us appalling possibilities for evil, moral decay and corruption, dividing people because of their ethnic, religious, political and social difference.

By Abwoyo Constance

Acc.Social Communications secretary



Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Media: At the Crossroads between Self-Promotion and Service.
Searching for the Truth in order to Share it with others.


Dear Brothers and Sisters!

1. The theme of this year's World Communications Day - "The Media: At the Crossroads between Self-Promotion and Service. Searching for the Truth in order to Share it with Others" - sheds light on the important role of the media in the life of individuals and society. Truly, there is no area of human experience, especially given the vast phenomenon of globalization, in which the media have not become an integral part of interpersonal relations and of social, economic, political and religious development. As I said in my Message for this year's World Day of Peace (1 January 2008): "The social communications media, in particular, because of their educational potential, have a special responsibility for promoting respect for the family, making clear its expectations and rights, and presenting all its beauty" (No. 5).

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