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The following new deacons were ordained on June 25th at Gulu Cathedral in a ceremony officiated by Bishop Giuseppe Franzelli of Lira Diocese. They are Rev. Deacons Martin Agwe from Palabek Parish, Anthony Nyeko from Lukome Parish, Samuel Ocaya from Kitgum Mission Parish, Thaddeus Opio from Kalongo Parish, Paul Rom from Kitgum Mission Parish, and Patrick Otim Lakwera from Christ the King Parish - Kitgum.

His Grace John Baptist Odama, the Archbishop asked the Bishop of Lira to ordain these young men on his behalf, since the Archbishop had to be away in Sri Lanka.

Following their ordinations, the new deacons have been assigned for a one month pastoral work after which before they will go back to the Seminaries to complete their final year of studies before their priestly ordinations. The following are the parishes of assignment: Pajule Parish (Deacon Martin Agwee) Christ the King - Kitgum Parish (Deacon Anthony Nyeko), Pabo Parish (Deacon Samuel Ocaya), Kitgum Mission (Deacon Thaddeus Opio), Padibe Parish (Deacon Paul Rom), and Lacor Parish (Deacon Patrick Otim Lakwera).

Please continue to pray for the new deacons as they prepare for their priestly ordination.


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