September 8th, 2006
1.0 To our brother, bishops, priests, religious and all God’s people in AMECEA countries (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and the affiliated members of Somalia and Djibouti) “Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you” (Rom 1:7-8).
We, AMECEA patrons, members of AMECEA executive board, AMECEA heads of institutions and departments, gathered here in Nairobi from 4th to 5th September 2006 for a seminar on Good Governance and Implementation of AMECEA Pastoral Resolutions at Lenana Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya. This seminar was followed by our Executive Board meeting at AMECEA Secretariat from 6th to 7th September 2006. We wish to share with you some of the issues we discussed during the seminar and meeting.
2.0 In the spirit of collegiality and solidarity, the Board Members send congratulatory messages to our brothers: His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala who retired as Archbishop of Kampala, the New Archbishop of Kampala His Grace Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, new bishops, Rt. Rev. Beatus Kinyaiya OFM Cap, Mbulu Diocese, Tanzania; Rt. Rev Sabino Odoki Auxiliary Bishop of Gulu Archdiocese, Uganda; Most Rev. Anthony Mayala Apostolic Administrator of Diocese of Musoma; Rt. Rev Philip Sulumenti Kakamega, Kenya, celebrating his 40th Anniversary in priesthood. We also send our condolences to Archbishop Anthony Mayala, Apostolic Administrator, and the people of the Diocese of Musoma on the death of their Bishop Rt. Rev Justin Samba.
3.0 In view of meeting pastoral challenges and fulfilling the prophetic mission within the AMECEA region, the patrons, board members, incorporating heads of the association’s institutions and departments, appreciated the pastoral and spiritual values which formed the foundation and driving force for the past successes of AMECEA. We have identified and recommend the following aspects as being important in implementing the AMECEA resolutions. The basic and underlying conviction is that it is through faith, love, charity and sacrifices that the spirit of cooperation and collaboration among the pastoral agents in the Family of God within the AMECEA region will lead to sustainability of AMECEA’s vision, mission and mandate, taking into consideration both past and present issues and concerns.
4.0 During the seminar, we emphasized the need to establish and nurture good leadership in the region. We believe that successful implementation of AMECEA resolutions will greatly depend on forming leaders with basic faith and trust attitude, having clear vision, mission and objectives to be achieved. There is need for leaders capable of listening and involving pastoral agents in a development agenda for both human and financial resources.

5.0 We call upon all bishops and other pastoral agents in the region to work towards the establishment of instruments for monitoring and evaluation via transparency and mutual trust. This is in view of making immediate follow-up and ensuring fast and appropriate implementation of plenary resolutions.
6.0 After listening to the presentation on the cursory look at AMECEA vision, mission and mandate, and the challenges we face in implementing AMECEA resolutions, we found it necessary to mandate the AMECEA Secretariat to organize induction and orientation programmes for new bishops, board members, chairmen of conferences, heads of AMECEA institutions and department within the AMECEA region so as to recapture the vision, mission and mandate of AMECEA within the spirit of the Founding Fathers.
7.0 In view of implementing AMECEA resolutions, we resolved that there is need to prioritize and strengthen the concern, cooperation and collaboration among AMECEA institutions. We decided to give AMECEA institutions the mandate to corporate responsibility in the implementation of AMECEA resolutions. We further request AMECEA institutions starting with Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) to contribute generously by offering their expertise as the think tank for the development of AMECEA.
8.0 After realizing the urgent need to implement pending and forthcoming pastoral concerns, including preparations for the Second African Synod of Bishops, we resolved to request CUEA’s Pastoral Department to be the immediate convener for pastoral coordination at AMECEA level. We appeal to AMECEA bishops and religious congregations working in AMECEA with competent, committed and experienced people to be generous and offer their people to fill the post of Pastoral Coordinator at AMECEA Secretariat.
9.0 During the seminar and Executive Board meeting, we discussed at length on the need to promote Fundraising and Sustainability of AMECEA Secretariat and Pastoral Activities. In view of this, we call for

9.1 The commitment of all AMECEA bishops to paying statutory contributions on time through Conference membership.
9.2 Revisiting and focusing on the mandate of conference delegates to the board to be involved in fundraising and reminding member Conferences to support Secretariat activities.
9.3 Encouragement and enforcement of accountability and transparency, including the AMECEA Secretariat forwarding audited report to the Conferences.
9.4 Whenever appropriate, bishops will be called upon to fundraise for specific programmes.
9.5 Fundraising activities with emphasis on local support. There is a need of popularising AMECEA and its contribution to the wider family of God within the region.
9.6 AMECEA to learn how to fundraise in today’s globalisation setting, including inviting partners to workshop and seminars so that they get the feel of AMECEA’s progress and future needs.
9.7 AMECEA to seriously work towards establishment of well studied, researched, appropriate and manageable income generating activities in view of sustaining pastoral activities and fulfilling of prophetic role within the Region.

10.0 Realising the importance of interactive communication and networking, we resolved to recommend the following:

10.1 Adopting of an interactive way of reporting from AMECEA to Conferences and vice versa.
10.2 Strengthening communication between the AMECEA Secretariat and Secretaries General of Member Conferences.
10.3 Chairman, Secretary General and Members of Executive Board to visit each others’ Conferences.
10.4 Conference Delegates to the Board to give reports during the Executive Board meeting on prevailing situations and concerns of AMECEA in their respective Conferences hence report back to the Board the concerns/situations of the Conferences.
10.5 The AMECEA Communication Department to compile and disseminate information on websites with valuable information which need to be shared from Institutions and Conferences within the Region.
10.6 AMECEA Institutions to inform regularly the Member Conferences on what programmes are going on and their particular needs.

11.0 In view of the preparation of the 16th Plenary Assembly to be held in Zambia in 2008, the Executive Board resolved that the theme proposed by Zambia Episcopal Conference is suitable and timely for giving prophetic responses to the situations within AMECEA Region. The theme will be framed along the line of three key values “Justice, Reconciliation and Peace”, and be proposed to Member Conferences for adoption. We call upon the conferences that have other themes to propose, and those confirming the theme to send their views to AMECEA Secretariat before the end of the year 2006.
12.0 Having gone through the journey AMECEA has made for the last 45 years, as members of AMECEA Executive Board, we feel a sense of renewed commitment in our desire to continue servicing AMECEA. We call upon all our Brother Bishops, all Pastoral Agents and all members of the Family of God in AMECEA to make a renewed commitment and contribute to the growth of AMECEA Secretariat and Institutions and implementation of AMECEA Plenary Resolutions.
We would like to thank all our benefactors and partners for their contributions and continued support to the development and implement of AMECEA Pastoral Resolutions.
May Mary Mother of Church, whose Birthday we celebrate today on 8th September, pray for AMECEA and all of us.
Signed. September 8, 2006
Most Rev. Paul Bakyenga, Archbishop of Mbarara, Uganda, Chairman of AMECEA
His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, Archbishop of Dar es Salaam, Patron of AMECEA
Most Rev. Ndingi Mwana a’ Nzeki, Archbishop of Nairobi, Chairman of AMECEA Finance Committee
Most Rev. Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, Archbishop of Addis Ababa Delegate of Ethiopia/Eritrea
Rt. Rev. Paul Kalanda, Bishop Emeritus of Fort Portal, Delegate of Uganda
Rt. Rev. Philip Sulumenti, Bishop of Kakamega, Substitute Delegate of Kenya
Rt. Rev Joseph Zuza, Bishop of Mzuzu, Delegate of Malawi
Rt. Rev. Andrew A. Andrew Chrisha, Bishop of Njombe, Representative of Zambia
Rt. Rev Alfred Maluma, Bishop of Njombe, Delegate of Tanzania
Rt. Rev. Daniel Adwok, Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum, Delegate of Sudun