The Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, The Most  Rt. Rev. John  Baptist Odama held a meeting with all the political, cultural, religious leaders, Elders and Top Government officials of the new District of Agago at Patongo Catholic Parish Hall on the 22nd July 2011 starting at 10.20am.

The Archbishop, flanked by the Vicar General of Gulu Archdiocese Msgr. Matthew Odong and the Parish Priest of Patongo Catholic Parish, Rev. Fr. Leonsio Akena, told the leaders that it was very important for Him as an old leader in the area, to meet the new leaders of the young District of Agago so that they know each other, what each other has in plan, and put heads together to begin working for the common good, the growth and development of our people for the glory of God.

His Grace explained that for him, He is for God and the life of humanity. This compels him always to advocate for unity among the people, unity with their leaders, unity among leaders themselves and unity of all for God. He said Unity is indispensible in our lives because we are Human Beings, we all came from one God and we shall all go back to Him. Secondly, God gave us one Earth to live in, One Sun, and the same Air for breath for all. He gave us one Uganda with all the wealth and riches for all to share. For this reason Jesus Christ our Lord taught us that God the loving Father commands us all to be one as they are one in the Trinity.

The Archbishop concluded that Unity is very important among the leaders because they have the obligation to bring the people of God  together, work with them for the common Good and at the end lead them back to God. This is the greatest responsibility of the parents, the Elders, the political, cultural, and religious leaders.

Addressing the same gathering, the Vicar General Msgr. Matthew Odong, reminded the leaders that the Acholi people used to value most living together in love as brothers and sisters as the greatest treasure in life. That is why the choice of leaders was based on merits and not on anything else. A leader was chosen because he was found out to be a man of love, a man that unites people, a man with clear vision and right judgment, a man that work for and defend his people. A man that fears God and leads the people of God to God.

The Vicar General however lamented that today the choice of leaders is based on how rich or violent a person is, that is why we have a lot of vices in society. Things like Violence, Corruption, Child sacrifice, war etc., are now rampant in our society. He advised the leaders to draw their leadership skills from the one commandment of Love of God and Love of neighbor. Leadership must be deeply rooted in faith because faith brings unity and unity is strength.